Regular Road Trip Days 4&5

On days 4 and 5 we spent a lot of time reconnecting with family. This meant there weren't a lot of good roads, nor a lot of good pictures. There were great moments with family, though, always an important thing!

One of the family pets is a dog who is a Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd mix. I've heard a lot about Pyrenees as livestock protection animals, but hadn't spent much time with one. This dog is fairly big, but not super bulky (mostly very furry), and the German Shepherd in her makes her not quite as big as a purebred Pyrenees. When we first arrived she barked at us, a deep, low, intimidating bark, but she backed away and was not at all aggressive. She was warning/alerting/trying to scare off (protective), but not hostile. Her owners reassured her and introduced us, and she calmed a bit. As she got to know us (in just a few hours) we became accepted. The next morning, when I greeted her, she gave me a once-over to make sure I was ok (as in, I'm friend/part of the pack and she wants to make sure I'm not injured), and then she sat with her back to me, watching, guarding me. I see the protective instincts in her. Good dog, good breed for purpose.

As these days were family days, I have neither photos nor car content, so I'll leave these days at that. They were good days, despite the short two-in-one post!